Kill Everyone


Single-Player Hack-n-Slash


Designer & Gameplay Programmer


Made in Unity, coded in C#


  3 day game jam, 6-man team

The Game

KILL EVERYONE was a game made over one weekend for the Vancouver Film School’s HAT JAM! You pick a theme out of a hat, and you make a game about it. In this jam, the themes were all movie scenes, and we randomly picked out The Bride vs Gogo and the Crazy 88s, from Kill Bill Vol. 1! Lucky!

We quickly set up a plan in 45min of what game we’d make so we could get to work as fast as possible, and we settled down in a very visual experience of playing as The Bride, blonde with the yellow biker suit, against a yellow background. Your character would be mostly invisible in the background. Well, until you paint the background red and black with blood and bodies of the Crazy 88 that is! :D

After there are quite a few bodies painting a nice and bloody backdrop (in spirit with the scene we picked out I might add), in comes Gogo. Gogo is a boss with a ball and chain that is invulnerable until you stop still and let her throw the ball at you, at which point you have a small window of time to dodge and attack.


Key Learnings

EVERYTHING! This was my first actual project in Unity3D aside from casual fiddling with the engine. I had a bit of experience in C# developing in Monogame, but I learned all about Unity in this project. It was a lot of fun and I’m quite happy with the result, it turned out to be a game with a lot of personality!

  • Basic Unity C# Scripting
  • Unity Colliders & Rigidbodies
  • Unity’s Animation system
  • Unity’s built-in Audio system
  • Unity input processing


Bruno Hayne (Design, Cinematic)

Lucas Josefsson (Art)

Alejandro Ceballos (Art)

Christian Sears (Project Manager, Designer, Scripting)

Calvin Herrera (Art)