Two-player Sideview Duel


Solo Developer


Made in Unity, coded in C#


  3 days, solo

The Game

Shi-Ai is a 2D single-screen game where two samurais face off in a duel, using a single button to jump, wall jump, and attack.


In this project I wanted to get an idea of the whole pipeline of game making, so that I could be more aware of the difficulties that artists go through, as well as audio engineers. Therefore, I made the character art and animations and also recorded all of the audio myself, except the birds chirping.

I got a real grasp of what the whole art pipeline looked like, from a blank Photoshop canvas to a fully responsive character, as well as the audio pipeline from scratch.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the result, I think it’s a game with quite a bit of character, and those are my favorite games :)

Gameplay trailer


Key Learnings

  • Art production pipeline from scratch
  • Audio production pipeline from scratch
  • Timing-based competitive play requires a lot of tuning for hitboxes, while keeping the balance symmetrical

Special Thanks

Thank you very much Daniel Lapalme for the awesome voice-overs :)

Background image shamelessly stolen off the internet. Props to James Ball, couldn’t get a hold of him to ask for permission, unfortunately…