Single-Player Pac-man clone


Designer & Gameplay Programmer


Made in Unity, coded in C#


  3 day solo project

The Game

We were handed an assignment to make a clone of the crowd favorite Pac-Man, with a twist of our liking. Smack-Man was the result.

  • I decided first that I would have the magic pills make you go into withdrawal, greatly reducing your speed. The more pills you take, the faster withdrawal hits.
  • Then, I would have the ghosts clone themselves from time to time.
  • Then, I wanted to make a rich visual experience so I turned it into a sort of lab to make powerful player feedback.
    • The first part was to make the map rotate and zoom with the beat, but keeping the controls to the initial orientation, which means that when the map is upside-down, your controls are reversed
    • Then, I applied bloom and movement blur to the action of getting magic pills, as well as adding a visual effect for the hangover
    • Finally, I found that the players needed some sort of bearing when the map was flipped, so I added the score and some flavor text that rotate with the map, indicating which way is up




Gameplay trailer

CrackMan was a student project I did when asked to make a pacman clone

Key Learnings

This was a project where I wanted to learn about rich visual feedback, so that was the bulk of my work here:

  • Per-tile movement
  • Standard Assets Camera Effects
  • Tweening Animations, carefully synced with the beat